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Studied under Grandmaster Chang Dong Sheng

Master Peter Chema

Master Peter Chema has been practicing martial arts for over forty years. The styles he's instructed include Shaolin Kung Fu, Bagua Zhang, Xing Yi (Hsing-Yi), Tai Qi Chuan (Tai Chi Chuan) and Shuai Jiao. Master Chema's training began at 9 years old with Amateur Wrestling. In his early teens he studied Kyokushinkai Karate which shortly led him to Chinese Kempo.

Shortly after he began learning Shaolin Kung Fu which brought him to Tai Qi. He became a student of Cheng Man-ching. Later his studies led him to the Temple of Great Enlightenment where he met and trained under the Buddhist monk and Dhama Master, Sheng-Yen in the methods of Chan Ch'eng-fu. Professor Kwong taught Master Chema the Yang Tai Qi form and applications. Continuing his quest for knowledge he trained Bagua Zhang and Xing Yi under B.P. Chan.

In 1979, Master Chema was invited to perform a Kung Fu demonstration for government officials in Taipei, Taiwan. Shortly after, he met and began training under Grandmaster Chang Dong-Sheng in Shuai Jiao. Master Chema was formally adopted as a "step-son" and taught both Shuai Jiao and Chang style Tai Qi Chuan.

He has since stopped formally teaching but his students continue his lineage and training.